October 19, 2022

What are C-RAMs?

Just a thought.

Russia's plan to continuously bombard civilian targets in Ukraine with rockets and artillery will have an unexpected effect.

US advisors are likely to recommend sending an aid package with C-RAM systems next. This is the US Army's go to system for countering a variety of rocket, artillery, and Missile systems, and could effectively blanket major cities in coverage against these kinds of attacks on civilians.

It does, however, require an operator– which Ukraine likely does not have for a complex foreign-built system.

Would it be a significant escalation to send American military or military contractors to operate such a defensive system? Can these be deemed "trainers" instead of contractors?

One alternative is to attempt to source a similar version the Ukrainians may already know how to operate, such as the AK-630. Poland or Germany may have these systems and be willing to trade for an upgrade.

But, the US version of this is readily-available to send. US forces typically operate with these (Iraq, Afghanistan) and they are effective against Russian short-range weapons, and just about any system would be able to handle Iran's slow, and barely military-grade drones.